Company Profile


Herbs of Ganges were established in 1998, including the age of almost 20 years. The beginning of this business came from the viewpoint of Mrs. Wong Kong, who gave birth to herbs in the past, Wat Rai Khing, Royal Monastery. It is one of the most popular temples, yet there are not many buildings or facilities. People who come to travel often suffer from health problems Since dizziness. Nausea and vomiting Including pain in the body. The initial illness can be treated with traditional herbal medicines. Mrs. Wong Kong decided to buy herbal medicine for general illness at the temple. The products have been well received. Herbal products business has started since that day.

The first herbal product that the herbs were made in the first time. With the work of Mr. Wanchai Photoka and Ms. Jai Jai Kongka, the second generation executive, who is a farmer and daughter of Mrs. Wong Gang, respectively. Because of the unique and trademark. Herbs of the Ganges are distinct from other stores in the market.

Ganges herb grows with increasing sales. It also has the responsibility to come up with. Changing the style from buying to selling is a complete production itself. The herbs have to adapt to the quality system and legal requirements. Massive changes are occurring. Registered as a company under the Commercial Registration Act, 1956 The establishment of a traditional medicine factory with standard under the Drug Act 1967 According to the Trademark Act BE 2534, the development of production and sales standards is continuous, the herbs changed the style of work from the focus on customers to visit the temple. The royal monastery to send goods to the herbal products stores throughout the country. Ganges herb may not be the most famous business. Or the highest profit. But we choose to grow consistently and firmly.